Costa Rica - Aquiares Estate Entre Rios - Natural

Entre Rios, translating as “Between Rivers”, is a delicate and versatile coffee which mixes two varietals from the same parentage to create a singular cup.

These varieties are Marsellesa & Red Obatá, both originating through combinations of Timor Hybrid and Villa Sarchi.

Aquiares has found the varieties very well-suited to the farm’s high elevation (grown above 1,100 meters in most cases) and great for marrying both high cup qualitywith strong resistance to disease.


Micro lots, such as this one, are picked by a special team of skilled harvesters who are paid well above the daily rate for their exceptional skill in picking the ripest cherries at each pass.

Each tree is visited up to seven times during the harvest to ensure that only fully red ripe cherries are picked.

The skilled hands of the pickers represent the farm’s most valuable asset.

Pickers hail from the community of Aquiares, nearby towns, and even from the neighbouring country of Nicaragua.

The farm ensures that all workers have a safe work environment and a comfortable place to live.

Workers coming from further away can live in on-site housing and use a children’s day-care.

The farm sponsors doctors’ visits for pickers and their families twice a week where nutritional health advice is also given.


Tasting Notes -

Peach Schnapps, Lemon Zest and Brown Sugar


Country Costa Rica
Region Turrialba
Farm Aquiares Estate
Variety Marsellesa & Obatá
Altitude 1,100to 1,400 metres above sea level

Proc. Method



Costa Rica - Aquiares Estate Entre Rios - Natural