El Salvador - Jose Ovidio Flores - Finca Pena Oscura

José Ovidio Flores purchased his farm in 2005, when it was just a 50-cuerda parcel. He has spent the following decade-plus planting Caturra and Bourbon and expanding the area little by little, buying farmland from his neighbors. He grows coffee on about 95 percent of his 10 manzanas of land, and uses the remaining area for fruit-bearing trees like lemon. Coffee on this farm is picked ripe, depulped and fermented dry for 12–16 hours, before being washed and dried on patios, which typically takes about two weeks.


Tasting Notes:

Toffee, cocoa and cashew notes, with a sweet cinnamon finish



Country El Salvador
Region La Montañita, El Túnel, La Palma, Chalatenango
Farm Peña Oscura
Variety Pacas
Altitude 1550 masl
Proc. Method Washed

El Salvador - Jose Ovidio Flores - Finca Pena Oscura