Ethiopia - Gemeda Elias' Farm - Cup of Excellence 2020

Prizes - 2020 Ethiopia Cup of Excellence #19 & #24


This very special Natural lot placed 19th at the first-ever (2020) Ethiopian Cup of Excellence Competition.


Gemeda Elias Dube has been around coffee all of his life.

Having grown up living on his father’s farm, at the age of 15, Gemeda first began helping tend the trees and learning the art of coffee production.

Gemeda has grown his 7 hectare plot to span an impressive 86 hectares. As well as managing his land, Gemeda helps to manage a collective of 103 farmers encompassing a further 490 hectares. As well as providing support to the farmers, Gemeda helps to provide improved seedling and technical support, ensuring quality of production.


For this particular lot, the local Variety Kurume is used. A commonly known variety among farmers in the Guji and Gedeo Zones, including Yirgacheffe.

It is important to note that varieties in Ethiopia fall within two main groups -----regional or local landraces (of which there are at least 130) or JARC varieties. It is still very hard to tell but it is highly likely that this lot contains a great percentage of JARC 7410 and 74112 varieties, developed in 1974 by the JARC, which are directly descended from local landraces indigenous to the Gedeo Region. Most farmers have a mix of both the improved and the indigenous landrace varieties on their farms.


Gemeda processes both natural and washed coffee, which is auctioned through Ethiopian commodity exchange ECX.


For the 2020 Ethiopian Cup of Excellence Competition, Gemeda submitted multiple coffees, managing to place two natural coffees in 19th and 24th, with scores of 87.79 and 87.43.


Tasting Notes -


Blackcurrent, Lavender & Honey


Country Ethiopia
Region Oromia Region, West Guji Zone
Farm Gemeda Elias Dube
Variety Kurume
Altitude 878-----1998 Meters above sea level

Proc. Method



Ethiopia - Gemeda Elias' Farm - Cup of Excellence 2020