Honduras - Finca Las Mariposas

Situated in the Masaguaramunicipality to the West of Honduras, Finca Las Mariposas is abeautiful farm nestled high in the Honduran hills.After Gloria Masariegos Amayapurchased the plot of landin 2008,she decided to nameher farm Finca Las Mariposas, or the butterflies farm,after the spectacular butterflies she saw across her land.Coffee is an important commodity in Honduras andfor many,helped prevent bankruptcy during the financial crisis in 2009. In 1970, the country created the Instituto Hondureñodel Cafe (IHCAFE),to help improve and maintain the infrastructure behind coffee production and exportation. This included the initiation of research centers to discover more resistant varieties and develop hybrids whilst testing new agricultural technologies. IHCAFE also provided support for producers to gain access to more premium markets by improving quality and yields.


A significant portion (70%) of producers in Honduras are considered smallholders, growing coffee on land less than 2 hectares. The past few decades have seen increased support towards these smallholders, with resourcesprovided byIHCAFEto improveagriculturaland connect producers with international markets.


A single mother, Gloriahas not only managed to single headedlyraiseher four children, but she has alsoworked diligently to earn funds for the farm. After purchasing the already cultivated plotin 2008,Gloria has depended on Finca Las Mariposas as her primary source of income. Because of this, Gloria has put a lot of her love and hard work into the farm:improvingyields and quality.


During the harvest, coffee is carefully handpickedand sent to be pulped the same dayvia machine. Gloria and her six family members are the only workers on the farm and must be efficient to ensure quality. From here, the coffee isplaced into large vessels of water to ferment.Here, the beans will remain for 30-35 hours to break down the sugars and remove the remaining mucilage.

As soon as this step is complete, the coffee is evenly dispersed onto raised beds to dryfor another 18-20 daysin the open sun. Upon attaining the correctmoisture content, the coffee is moved and trucked to the mill, one hour away, where it will be hulled and rested prior to export.


As well as continuing to support her children in their studies, Gloria’s plans for Finca Las Mariposas include one day building her own solar dryers, decreasing the cost of productionandimproving overall quality.





Tasting Notes -

 Dried apricot, Orange Zest, Pecan


Country  Honduras
Region San Juanillo
Farm Finca Las Mariposas
Variety Bourbon
Altitude 1,800 metres above sea level

Proc. Method

Fully washed

Honduras - Finca Las Mariposas