Mexico - Chanjul Estate

When it comes to Agronomy, the team at Chanjul believe the quality of the coffee is the result of a fundamental attribute: the warmth of the soil.

Their soil is characterised by a high content of organic materials, perfect for producing high-quality coffee. Along with the soil the perfect conditions of the altitude, latitude and climate, with average annual temperatures of 26°C and annual rainfall of 2500mm, this means that Chanjul is well situated to producing fantastic quality lots.


Pruning is only conducted intermittently, using selective or block pruning mainly in non-productive areas. When a plantation reaches 20 years old, the plot is completely renovated, removing and replanting with new trees. For varieties, 40% of the farm is made up of hybrids such as Mundo Maya (Hybrid H16); an F1 hybrid developed by ECOM & CIRAD as high-yielding, high cup quality options with higher resistance to coffee leaf rust. Teddy also populates his land with a mix of Marsellesa (40%) & Starmaya (20%), both selected for their high production rate and resistance to leaf rust.


For processing at Chanjul, Coffee cherry is handpicked over three to four passes, only selecting the ripest cherries; the aim being to achieve the highest concentration of sugars in the cherry. Once they have been picked, the coffee cherries are delivered to the wet mill, some 50km away. Here, the cherry is initially cleaned and floated in freshwater to remove any floaters known as "vanos". Next, the coffee cherry is transported to raised beds to dry. Once here, close attention is paid, with thermometers used to control ambient temperatures and relative humidity. Coffee cherry will remain on the beds for up 8-10 days, slow drying at a temperature between 16-24 ° C.


Finally, once a moisture content of below 12% is recorded, the coffee cherry is packed and driven to the mill some 900kms away to Veracruz on the other side of Mexico; selected due to its proximity to the export port.



Prizes: 13th in the 2018 Cup of Excellence


Tasting Notes -

White chocolate, Toasted Almond, Butter scotch


Country Mexico
Region Soconusco
Farm Agroforestal ChanjulEstate
Variety Marsellesa, Hybrids, Starmaya
Altitude 1,200 –1,700meters above sea level

Proc. Method

Natural dried on raised beds

Mexico - Chanjul Estate