Mexico - La Cañada - Tejao


Tejao is a very special coffee for us. It is from La Cañada, in the north of the state of Oaxaca. Tejao is a 46-bag lot, and is a crafted blend of some of the best tasting coffees delivered at our regional warehouse in Huautla, La Cañada during the 2021 harvest.We carefully blended 57 small 84/85 coffees from 48 different producers.


We think all those tiny lots blended together create a great synergy and bring many subtle layers to this coffee. In La Cañada, producers own on average 0.5 hectares, and coffee is old typica grown organically under shade, so productivity per farm is very low. The average volume of dry parchment delivered during the 2021 harvest was 80kg of dry parchment which is the equivalent of 54kgs of exportable green.

In order to select those 57 coffees, we cupped through 284 coffees from the highest farms of La Cañada. We selected coffees based on cup quality and water activity levels.


There were 10 people working on this sourcing project during the 2021 harvest: staff in the lab, in the warehouse, in the transport, and in the farms with producers.Tejao means 12 in mazateco, for the first 12 families that settled in the area. Mazateco is the indigenous language mostly spoken in the area.

The name Tejao was suggested by Heredi, our local Mazateco translator and general leader of this project in this area. Heredi took us around many mazateco communities, helped present a new coffee buying model to producers and made it possible for us to taste almost 300 different coffees over 3 months.



Tasting Notes -

Chocolate Candy, Toffee Apple,


Country Mexico
Region La Cañada
Producer(s) Tejao Community
Variety Typica
Altitude 1,600 masl

Proc. Method


Mexico - La Cañada - Tejao