Nicaragua - Isacio Albir - Finca Agua Sarca

Isacio Javier Albir Vilchez has an 87.73-hectare farm called Agua Sarca, where he grows coffee on 73.95 hectares. He has several varieties planted, including Caturra, Catuai, Catimor, Obata, Maracaturra, and Gesha. After harvesting the coffee, Isacio makes sure it's depulped the same day, then it's fermented dry for 18–24 hours. It's washed clean of mucilage, then dried in patios with plastic walls for about 10–12 days. The first 2 days are under full sun, and the rest is done under shade.


Tasting Notes -

Green grape, Mature pears and Cinnamon


Country Nicaragua
Region Dipilto, Nueva Segovia
Farm Agua Sarca
Variety Maracaturra
Altitude 1150–1400 masl

Proc. Method


Nicaragua - Isacio Albir - Finca Agua Sarca