Peru - Santos Romulo Huancas Chinchay

Santos’ farm, named Mitad del Corazón (translating as ‘The Middle of the Heart’ in English) takes its name after the farm's heart like shape. Like many other farms in the region, the name is representative, reflecting the distinguishing characteristics in the surrounding area. More so in the case of Santos, as the name is chosen as it expresses passion; a force regularly found at the farm. Coffee production is currently Santos’ only means of income, with any fruit trees, livestock or other produce grown reserved only for personal consumption.


Tasting Notes -

Milk Chocolate, Tart Orange & Toffee


Country Peru
Region Cajamarca
Farm Mitad del Corazón
Variety Red Caturra, Typica, Costa Rica& Bourbon
Altitude 1,900–2,000meters above sea level

Proc. Method

Fully washed & dried on raised beds


Peru - Santos Romulo Huancas Chinchay