Tanzania - AA Lyamungo

Lyamungo Estate is a 170-hectare coffee farm growing Bourbon, KP 423, KP, F6, and Kent varieties. The farm has 215 permanent employees and up to 2,100 seasonal employees during the harvest. About 75 percent of the employees are women. About 80 percent of the coffee is processed at a central processing unit and dried on raised beds, while the remaining 20 percent is dried in parabolic dryers. The farm has been Rainforest Alliance–certified since 2014.


Tasting Notes -

Caramel tart and Cocoa, Hint of Lime


Country Tanzania
Region Moshi, Kilimanjaro
Farm Lyamungo Estate
Variety Bourbon, KP 423, KP, F6, Kent
Altitude 1305–1480 masl

Proc. Method


Tanzania - AA Lyamungo